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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 October, 2013.

    Popular Wii Key SD Adapter for Nintendo Wii

    Our Price:    $20.00

    Item: SD Adapter for Wii.
    Play GC game with SD card directly.
    Beautiful appearance, very convenient to use.
    Used to store your games in any SD memory card for compatible games.
    Simply plug the adapter into the memory card slot and place an SD card into the adapter.
    Works with either Nintendo Game Cube or Wii.
    Approved: CE / FCC.
    Operational Guidance:
    Using Instruction:
    1. Insert SD card convertor into the female station and then plug one side of the SD card convertor with gold finger to Slot-A or Slot-B of Wii console.
    2. After you install the console for Wii key, you can install upgraded dish of 1.2. If you don't use handmade, you can choose the reset key all the while will enter into this function.
    3. Before using this convertor, firstly you need to put the SD/MMC card into the indentified card implacement of the computer, then use the format SD in DVD UMP of config 1.2 download from web format, then put this SD/MMC card in the convertor touse, finally you can test to use this card to copy the game of Wii Game Cube to the computer and so on.