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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 08 October, 2013.

    4-in-1 Nintendo Wii Video Game Nunchuk Sports Remote

    Our Price:    $25.00

    4-in-1 Nintendo Wii Video Game Nunchuk Sports Remote:
    - Tennis bar .
    - Baseball stick .
    - Golf stick .
    - Wrist strap .
    - Wheel adaptor .
    - Joypad adaptor.
    100% BRAND NEW.
    Give you a realistic feeling more than just a Remote Control.
    You can authentically recreate the experience of swinging a Baseball Bat, Golf Club or Tennis Racket.
    Featuring Baseball Bat, Golf Club and Tennis Racket, each attaches safely and quickly to your Nintendo Wii Remote.
    It can be disassembled and matched optionally, using conveniently. Ideal for using with Nintendo Wii Sport Games.
    Fabulous Selling Service.
    Approved: CE / FCC.
    1 x Wrist Strap.
    1 x Wheel Adaptor.
    1 x Golf Club.
    1 x Tennis Racket.
    1 x Baseball Bat.
    1 x Remote Holder.